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Maybe you think, playing with toys at school or even at home is not very useful. It is very important to learn grammar, sports, social behaviour and mathematics. But technical education should not be underestimated.

It is not that every child has the same talents, I think fortenately, but if it is very playful they can be stimulated to develop it. Children can develop there spatial ability and their feeling for physical phenomena with construction sets. Almost every child can improve their skills.

Educational toy roller coasters and building sets could stimulate children to get in contact with technics. It provides advantage over other children who do not in contact with education building sets. It is is a way to become playful acquainted with technics.

There is moreover a shortage of technical high skilled people and this shortage will probably even increase next years with the importance of technics. It is not I want to do every child become technician, but if they do not get in contact with it, they can not make the decission.

Interests in technological themes take place in early childhood, in elementary school and less in secondary school. Building sets can contribute children to make them enhusiast for technical themes. There are educational building sets for different grades, beneath an overview of different toy roller coasters for education.

Educational toy roller coasters / ball machine

• for grades 3 – 8
• 3,480 pieces
• 12 volt motor
• possibility to build 60 fully-functioning models with motor
• levers, gears, pulleys, wheel/axles, inclined planes.
• Supports a group of 40
• Teacher manual with correlations to National Math, Physics and Science

Educational roller coasters

• for grades 6 – 9
• 2,264 pieces
• Different attractrions like a rollercoaster with clothoid loop, ferris wheel, swing and boom rides, carousel, pirate ship, scrambler
• Explore gearing options for rotating rides.
• Models are compatible with data logging sensors from Vernier, Pasco and Texas Instruments.
• All stored in 3 large silver storage trays
• Supports 6-8 students working collaboratively.
• Teacher manual with correlations to National Math, Physics and Science

Educational roller coasters / Amusement park

• for grades 10 – 12
• 2,037 pieces
• 11 different rollercoaster designs with clothoid loop, half pipes, inclined planes and ball ramps.
• Possibility to build two large models simultaneously.
• One motor included
• Compatible with datalogging sensors from Vernier, Pasco, Texas Instruments.
• All together in 3 large silver storage trays
• Teacher manual with correlations to National Math, Physics and Science

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  1. Buck Teeth :October 27, 2010 - 3:27 PM#1

    i love to buy educational toys for my children, educational toys are very important for the development of motor skills–,

  2. AmbroziakNovember 14, 2010 - 9:52 AM#2

    educational toys are always helpful to train our kids. kids can really learn from educational toys ;,-

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