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Which models are there all these days? There is a wide choice nowadays. Choosing a Knex roller coaster model is not as easy as it was a few years ago.

A few years ago introduced the first Knex roller coaster. This model ride is also known as original Knex roller coaster. It consists primarily of the original Knex pieces. With these pieces there is a variety of structures possible to build. But since some years there are a lot of Knex pieces, pimped colors and attractive styles. Thus there are many new models released and there will be even more soon. An overview of all the current Knex coasters below.

Shark Run Double Dare Dueling Extreme View Video Coaster
Shark Run Double Dare Dueling Extreme View Video Coaster
Renegade Run Ferris Wheel Coaster Lava Launcher
Renegade Run Ferris Wheel Coaster Lava Launcher
Rippin Rocket Loopin Lizard Dragon's Drop
Rippin Rocket Loopin Lizard Dragon’s Drop
Serpent Spiral Hornet Swarm Dueling Vertical Vengeance
Serpent Spiral Hornet Swarm Dueling Vertical Vengeance
Speed Coaster Thrillride Sonic Blizzard Coaster Original Knex Coaster
Speed Coaster Thrillride Sonic Blizzard Original Knex Coaster

I have always been played with Knex and especially roller coasters. But there were many models at one point that I do not know what models are all here. Meanwhile, I played less with Knex, as I got older. But I like to set up a website and thus to demonstrate different models Knex coasters are available. Hence I have used my experience and gathered the latest information of Knex coasters for you to present an overview of the available Knex coasters. For each model roller coaster I present some general information, specifications and attached videos.

The rides generally cost between 30 and 120 USD. It depends on which special effects are all the roller coaster, such as sound effects, photo flash and how the roller coaster driven. The extreme view video coaster is one coaster with a flash light for example. The rides do have more and more realistic elements during the years. The latter, as I already mentioned, is also important and it also determines the type of coaster. There are coasters which are driven by a chain and roller coasters on which the carts are launched by a rotating wheel.

In the Knex roller coaster serie there are even two dueling rides: ‘Double Dare Dueling’ and ‘Hornet Swarm Dueling’. Recently there came a third dueling model: ‘Sonic Blizzard Coaster’. In three models two coasters are parallel to each other battling speedy through the track in a time duel. It’s a beautiful contest. These rides are a bit more expensive than other models, as most parts such as orbit, carts and engine are in duplicate in the package.

But on the other hand it is true that the larger packages are relative cheap, since the price is not twice the price of a single coaster. The small packages are relatively expensive, since relatively few components in it. I myself except my first set purchased only large packages. Personally, I like it to combine the large packages to build a still larger roller coaster. I built my own design by using, as many pieces as possible using more packages. But for a beginner I would recommend smaller packages to find out if you like Knex roller coasters. Otherwise it would be a waste of money.

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