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Spacewarp is a special kind of roller coaster. It is a track for steel marbles. You can bend and cut carbon in every shape you wish. Thus you can make corkscrews, loopings, funnels and helixes. Building one of the designs or an own crazy track is both possible. You can even create your own obstacles and special effects.


As soon as you have some parts you can connect the ends in alluminium pillars. You can embed elevators in or around the pillars. These elevators bring your marbles higher or to the top of your construction to do another round. Every set contains more elevators.


The corkscrew is one of the most popular marble roller coaster construction, because it is easier to build than for a toy roller coaster. You just need a bended track with some beams for reinforcement.


As soon you could give the marble enough speed to do so, it can do a looping or even a double or triple looping. And if you have a many parts you can expand with more loopings or higher loopings. Test the looping before you put it in the final construction.


A real speciality for marbles is the funnel. Roller coaster cars can´t simply enter any funnel without getting off track. The trick is to enter with the right speed stay as long in the funnel as can. You can even reach one minute of ´funneling´ if you measure well.


The principle of the helix is very similar to the funnel. You can concatenate as many funnels as you can as well as the loopings, but downgoing helixes do not need any speed to enter. Moreover you can build upgoing helixes.

Spacewarp sets

Spacewarp 5000 is a real starter kit. It contains all the base elemts for a marble toy roller coaster. You can assembly the 125 parts in the way you like.

History of Spacewarp

The toy is developed is Japan by Bandai. Badai started in 1985 and stopped already manufacturing in 1988. Nevertheless Bandai produced till 1995 spare parts. Ten years later the company restarted with renewed parts and sets. Chinese manufacturers make counterfeit products of Bandai spacewarp.

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